The Evaluation Center’s Projects

The programs, goals, and initiatives that each of our clients have are unique to them. While grouping them can be difficult, most of our projects can fall into one of the following broad categories:

Higher Education

Many of the evaluations that The Evaluation Center does, involve the evaluation of programs at institutions of higher learning. Programs that are currently being evaluated span from biomedical education and research projects to programs for international business research and education.

K-12 Education

Another area of emphasis for The Evaluation Center is K-12 public education. Many of the evaluations focus around teacher effectiveness, compensation systems, curriculum evaluation, and professional development programs.


Evaluations of non-profit programs often involve public school systems and/or institutions of higher learning. The distinction here is that the client for whom The Evaluation Center works is a non-profit organization.

Professional Development

The Evaluation Center has evaluated several projects that aimed to increase participant knowledge and effectiveness in key areas. These professional development programs can differ greatly in terms of the content they provide, but they all seek to provide education and training to specific groups of individuals.

Click on the headings above to view project specific information within each of the four categories.


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