Targeted Violence and Terrorism Prevention Grant

Outcome Evaluation


The Dean of Students Office at CU Denver in partnership with campus and community groups is working to (1) increase awareness of reporting related to violence and terrorism; (2) enhance engagement in prevention efforts via bystander intervention trainings; (3) enhance the capability of the threat assessment and management team; and, (4) expand community partnerships to serve the needs of underserved students on campus.

Evaluation Approach

The evaluation team is designing and implementing real-time surveys to assess the effectiveness of trainings for students, staff, faculty, and community group. Shared data interpretation sessions are conducted to learn if training participants are achieving program outcomes – increased knowledge, skills, and confidence in reporting related to threats of violence and terrorism.



October 2023 – September 2025


Students in the CU Denver community



U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Center for Prevention Programs and Partnerships