Medical Education

Integrated Data Science

Summative & Impact Evaluation


Integrated Data Science (Int dS) is a graduate training and mentoring program at the University of Colorado Boulder (CU Boulder). The program is intended to create a diverse, collaborative, and sustainable interdisciplinary bioscience and data community. Participants from 15 PhD STEM programs at CU Boulder are recruited at the beginning of their doctorate program and engage in various activities through the program including lab rotations, modular curriculum, mentoring, and professional activities.

Evaluation Approach

The evaluation is a comparison study between program and non-program participants. Using surveys and in-depth interviews, we gauge the degree to which participants acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that will allow them to be effective cross-discipline collaborators. We will track participants’ trajectory throughout the five-year program.



January 2021 – December 2025


PhD STEM graduate students from under-represented groups



Partner Agencies

  • BioFrontiers Institute
  • Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT)
  • Fort Lewis College


National Science Foundation