Our Services

The Evaluation Center has extensive experience providing program evaluation to a wide variety of clients from schools, non-profit organizations, institutions of higher education, community groups, and government agencies. We work collaboratively with our clients to promote evidence-informed programs, practices, and policies by using rigorous, innovative evaluation processes. We utilize and implement culturally responsive and appropriate evaluation practices in our work.  The Evaluation Center is committed to supporting projects that work to advance equity and contribute to the betterment of the community or program.

We can help answer the following questions that you might have about your program:

Is my program meeting its goals to help serve people and communities? 


Our approaches include:​

  • ​Facilitating logic model development
  • Designing evaluations (developmental evaluation, process evaluation, impact evaluation)​
  • Identifying, adapting, and creating data collection tools​
  • Implementing evaluation frameworks and approaches​
  • Collecting qualitative data (interviews, focus groups, photo voice, journey mapping)​
  • Collecting quantitative data​ (surveys, monitoring, secondary)
  • Conducting data analysis ​
  • Providing real-time data to support informed decisions​

What are the needs of the community we are trying to help? 


Our approaches include:​

  • Conducting feasibility studies
  • Reviewing literature​
  • Analyzing secondary data​
  • Facilitating community needs assessments​
  • Leveraging our university resources and community partnerships

How do I share the impact of my program?


 Our approaches include:

  • Tailoring reporting to meet a variety of audiences​
  • Presenting findings to communities and funders​
  • Supporting publications ​
  • Developing webpages with effective data visualization to show program impact​
  • Facilitating data interpretation sessions​
  • Organizing, cleaning, and analyzing previously collected data

How can we build our own evaluation skills? 


Our approaches include:​

  • Engaging as thought partners for strategic planning​
  • Developing organizations’ evaluation capacity​
  • Creating evaluation manuals tailored to your needs​
  • Providing technical assistance​
  • Facilitating workshops to support evaluative learning (instrument development, data visualization, logic model design)


We aim to ensure inclusion of diverse perspectives by encouraging clients, partners, and groups to engage in all phases of the evaluation. We honor the knowledge and experiences our clients and partners bring to the evaluation.


We help individuals, groups and organizations develop evaluative thinking by facilitating learning communities and developing meaningful partnerships. We provide training and resources on evaluation approaches, data analysis tools, data visualization, and dissemination


We are committed to equity and evaluations that ultimately contribute to the betterment of the community or program.


We work closely with our clients and partners to design equitable, relevant, and rigorous evaluations. We thrive in the creative process from beginning (e.g., logic models, evaluation questions and matrix) middle (e.g., instrument development, data collection strategies), and end (e.g., data interpretation sessions, webinars, research briefs).


Contact us so that we can collaborate on a tailored approach that meets your needs. 

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