National Resource HUB for STEM Education at Hispanic-Serving Institutions

Implementation & Outcome Evaluation


The National Science Foundation awarded only one Resource Hub for STEM Education at Hispanic-Serving Institutions (HSI) for the entire country. The HSI Resource Hub aims to reach HSIs across the nation to build partnerships that will support STEM education, increase STEM research and education capacity at HSIs, and encourage implementation of cutting-edge training in STEM education.

Evaluation Approach

The evaluation team is using a mixed-methods approach to assess the reach and impact of the training and resources offered by HSI Resource Hub training. Methods include surveys and interviews with training participants; content analysis of dissemination materials; geographic mapping of network members; and organizational network analysis to assess the quality of connections among network members.



September 2018 – August 2023


Faculty, staff, and administrators from Hispanic Serving Institutions with limited prior NSF support