TQP – NxtGEN Colorado

Formative, Summative, & Implementation Evaluation


TQP – NxtGEN Colorado expands the SEHD teacher preparation pathway to rural communities in southeastern Colorado. The program supports students as they complete their undergraduate degree and earn their teaching licensure while remaining in their local communities. The goal is to address the teacher shortages facing rural areas and to diversify the teacher workforce.

Evaluation Approach

In collaboration with program leaders, evaluators have prepared a comprehensive logic model to identify the intended short and long-term outcomes for TQP NxtGEN Colorado. Evaluators are collecting and analyzing student recruitment, enrollment, and academic completion data to determine if the program is reaching the target audience. The evaluation includes conducting in-depth interviews with participating students and representatives of the local partner local educations agencies to assess the effectiveness of the program in preparing and supporting quality teachers who remain in their communities. Evaluators and program leaders regularly engage in shared data interpretation to support on-going program improvement.



September 2022 – August 2027


Diverse, rural, and first-generation students who are pursuing careers as teachers




Lamar Community College, Otero College, Trinidad State College


Lamar Community College, Otero College, Trinidad State College