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Formative & Impact Evaluation

Capacity Building


Adoption Options offers supportive and comprehensive adoption services at every stage of the adoption process for both birth families and adoptive and foster care families. As a Human Rights Campaign innovator, Adoption Options has a proud tradition of acceptance and inclusivity with LGBTQ+ communities. The Flexible Families Program (Foster-to-adopt) is designed for families seeking to adopt a child through the foster care system and provides supportive resources and services unique to foster adoption.

Evaluation Approach

The evaluation was aimed at developing and executing a sustainable evaluation to assess the different components of the Flexible Families program. Adoption Options staff hoped to learn if families are satisfied with the program, whether it adds to the education of families, and if it provides families with adequate support and resources.


Evaluators and Adoption Options staff worked together closely to build and disseminate surveys to families through SurveyMonkey. Evaluators trained Adoption Options staff to analyze the data in Excel and build data visualizations in PowerPoint. The ultimate goal was to build the capacity of Adoption Options staff to continue evaluating the Flexible Families program after the contracted timeframe with The Evaluation Center ended.  



January 2020 – October 2020


Through their range of inclusive programs, they provide intentional, targeted services to children of all ages and their families to build permanency, stability and safety.