Jeff Proctor

Jeff Proctor


Executive Director

Jeff currently serves as the Executive Director of The Evaluation Center.  Jeff is responsible for the oversight of all active evaluation projects as well as the administration of The Evaluation Center.

Since joining the team in 2008, Jeff has had the opportunity to lead the evaluation of a wide range of projects including the State Opioid Response grant, Strategic Prevention Framework – Partnerships for Success grant, Colorado Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute, and State Epidemiological Outcomes Workgroup.  He has also led and supported evaluations for local nonprofit organizations, state funded initiatives, and federally funded programs.

Jeff is passionate about supporting programs that aim to improve the lives of individuals and their communities, and is especially interested in programs that address the social determinants of health.  He enjoys working with organizations to figure out how they can use data and evaluation findings to help their programs achieve greater impact.

Jeff developed The Evaluation Center’s Cultivating Evaluation Education and Development (CEED) program, which provides pro bono evaluation services to selected non-profit organizations in Metro Denver.  The CEED program allows The Evaluation Center to give back to organizations that are doing important work in the community, while providing an excellent professional development opportunity for the Center’s junior staff to lead the evaluations.

Jeff holds degrees from Colorado State University (B.A. in Business Administration, Concentration: Marketing) and the University of Colorado Denver (Master of Business Administration, Concentrations: Decisions Sciences and Managing for Sustainability).

When Jeff is away from the office he enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, fishing, and camping with his family, friends, and dog.