Carolina Jaime

Carolina Jaime


Graduate Assistant

Carolina is currently pursuing a doctorate degree in the Health and Behavioral Sciences program at the University of Colorado Denver and is particularly interested in climate vulnerability. As a Graduate Assistant at The Evaluation Center, she assists in the data collection, grant monitoring, and other evaluation efforts of the State Opioid Response (SOR) grant funded by the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health.

Prior to starting at CU Denver, Carolina completed a B.S. in Evolutionary Anthropology at the University of New Mexico and an M.A. in Evolutionary Anthropology at California State University, Fullerton. During her time in California, Carolina was given the opportunity to join her advisor on a research trip to his field site of 30 years, an Indigenous community of Ecuador called Conambo. Her experience in Conambo inspired her interest in climate and disease vulnerability among disadvantaged and Indigenous populations. As a native Spanish speaker, Carolina hopes to continue to work with Latin American communities throughout her career.

In her free time, Carolina enjoys painting and baking, listening to live music with her fiancé, or taking long afternoon naps with her kitties, Oli and Artie.