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Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program

Evaluation Dates: 2013 – On-going

The Buell Early Childhood Leadership Program (BECLP) is a year-long graduate certificate program in Early Care and Education (ECE) leadership. This program is offered through a partnership between the University of Colorado Denver School of Education and Human Development, Clayton Early Learning, and the Temple-Hoyne Buell Foundation. The BECLP aims to build ECE leadership capacity to improve early care and education for all young children and their families in Colorado. The program features individual Fellow support, a summer leadership symposium and retreat, a mentorship experience, and a structured curriculum focused on different areas of leadership.

The Evaluation Center at the University of Colorado Denver has been contracted to provide a summative evaluation, specifically looking at the program’s impact on Fellows’ Early Childhood Leadership competence and Fellows’ sphere of influence in the ECE community.

The evaluation of the BECLP seeks to answer the following questions:

  1. What are Fellows’ perceptions of the BECLP?
  2. What is the impact of BECLP participation on ECE leadership competency and confidence?
  3. What is the impact of BECLP participation on organizational influence?

Evaluation activities include the administration and analysis of pre/post-competency and organizational influence surveys and pre/post-peer surveys. Peer surveys collect objective competency data from Fellows’ peers and qualitative examples of application and growth of ECE leadership competencies in Fellows’ work. Evaluators prepare pre-survey result summaries to help inform program objectives as well as a comprehensive post-program report synthesizing pre/post-survey results, participant satisfaction, and recommendations for ongoing program improvement.



Literacy & Language Development for English Language Learners

Evaluation Dates: 2014 – On-going

CU Denver’s Literacy, Language & Culturally Responsive Teaching Program offers a three-course certificate program in Aurora Public Schools to prepare teachers to teach English Language Learners. The Evaluation Center worked with the program director to revise an existing instrument to measure the impact of the certificate program on participants knowledge and skills related to linguistically diverse education. The Evaluation Center administers the online survey to all participants as they enter the program and upon completion of the certificate. After a cohort of participants who have completed the survey have graduated, the Evaluation Center will analyze and report the data to program leaders.

Past Projects

University of Colorado Denver Center for Faculty Development HIPs

Evaluation Dates: January – July 2018
The Evaluation Center conducted a survey of faculty who participated in learning opportunities focused on high impact practices and a review of participants’ course syllabi.

ECE Enhanced: Early Literacy and Language Development for Young English Language Learners

Evaluation Dates: 2012 – 2014
The Evaluation Center used a mixed-methods approach to understand the quality and effectiveness of the courses, determine the extent to which practices were adopted by teachers who completed the certificate program, and explored the extent to which the program impacted students.

eLearning Communities for Academic Language Learning in Math and Science (eCALLMS)

Evaluation Dates: 2012 – 2014
Mixed methods evaluation that provided formative information to program leaders that addressed progress on project goals and provided formative feedback and suggestions for modifying program initiatives to better meet intended goals.

Public Education & Business Coalition (PEBC)

Evaluation Dates: 2005 – 2012
Various evaluation activities aimed at examining specific program components such as the impact of training on school leadership teams, the importance of internal lab classrooms, and the fidelity of implementation of professional development.

Improving Teacher’s 21st Century Assessment Practices (ITCAP)

Evaluation Dates: 2010 – 2010
Study of the impact of ITCAP professional development training on participant’s perceptions, classroom implementation, and the achievement of their students at one elementary school. (Boulder Valley School District, Colorado Department of Education)

Scholars for Knowledge in Learning and Leadership Mathematics Science Partnership (SKILL)

Evaluation Dates: 2008 – 2010
Three year study of the impact of the SKILL summer internship program that paired Denver Public Schools math/science teachers with laboratory researchers at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Center campus, who served as their mentors. (Colorado Department of Education)

Professional Learning Access in Science & Math through Internet Delivery (PLASMID)

Evaluation Dates: 2008 – 2009
Study of impact of professional learning delivered via distance learning technology to middle school math teachers in rural areas of Colorado. (Colorado Department of Education)

Rocky Mountain Math Science Middle School Project (RM-MSMSP)

Evaluation Dates: 2005 – 2008
Data collection for evaluation of teacher professional development (National Science Foundation)

Colorado Consortium for Data Driven Decisions (C2D3)

Evaluation Dates: 2007 – 2008
Study of the impact of C2D3 professional development training on participant’s perceptions, classroom implementation, and the achievement of their students. (Colorado Department of Education)

University Center for Atmospheric Research

Evaluation Dates: 2005 – 2005
Evaluation of the Trainer Certification Program for the Global learning & Observation to Benefit the Environment Program (GLOBE)

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