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Engaging Schools

Engaging Schools is a nonprofit organization that collaborates with middle and high school leaders to create positive school communities. Through professional development, resources, and coaching, Engaging Schools staff help school personnel to develop equitable schoolwide discipline systems and ways to support students academically, socially, and emotionally.

The Evaluation Center is collaborating with Engaging Schools to develop comprehensive logic models to describe their work. Evaluators are also assisting with the identification of appropriate instruments that align with the goals of the Engaging School and the development of a rigorous evaluation plan to assess program impact.


Rise Above Colorado

Evaluation Dates: 2017-2020

The Evaluation Center is working with Rise Above Colorado (RAC), a local nonprofit whose mission is to empower youth to a life free of drug abuse, to develop an evaluation of its current efforts.

RAC identifies community organizations who work with youth and prescription drug misuse to offer them a variety of supports, including training on using the Positive Youth Development Framework, implementing social norming campaigns, and raising awareness on safe use, storage, and disposal of prescription drugs.

RAC hopes to better understand the value and effectiveness of its partnerships, support, and training. The Evaluation Center will conduct a mixed-methods evaluation using surveys, interviews, and document reviews. Evaluators will use a participatory approach in instrument development, data interpretation, and evaluation dissemination. Annual surveys will be administered to understand changes in community partner attitudes, knowledge, skills, and intent because of their relationship with RAC. Evaluators will also interview community partners to gain a deeper understanding of how partnering with RAC has led to changes in practice and how partnerships can be strengthened. Throughout the project, The Evaluation Center will collect and review community partner documents to triangulate survey and interview data.

Past Projects

Habitat for Humanity of Metro Denver

Evaluation Dates: January 2016 – December 2018

Goodwill Industries of Denver: Youth Services

Evaluation Dates: January 2008 – August 2016
Collaborative evaluation with Goodwill’s internal Program Monitoring and Evaluation team. Efforts focused on thorough evaluations of Goodwill’s K-12 focused programs.

Goodwill Industries of Denver: Community Employment and Day Programs

Evaluation Dates: 2010 – 2015
Collaborative evaluation with Goodwill’s internal Program Monitoring and Evaluation team. Efforts focused on formative and process evaluation using multiple data collection methods.

Goodwill Industries of Denver: Career Development Services (CDS)

Collaborative evaluation with Goodwill’s internal Program Monitoring and Evaluation team. Efforts focused on instrument development and data collection of client served through the CDS programs.
Evaluation Dates: 2011 – 2015

Junior Achievement – Igniting the American Spirit

Evaluation Dates: 2010 – 2013
Summative evaluation looking at student attitudes, content knowledge, and academic progression of students in this Junior Achievement program.

Colorado Children’s Campaign – Colorado Small Schools Initiative (CSSI)

Evaluation Dates: 2009 – 2009
Summative evaluation of the Colorado Small School Initiative funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that was implemented by the Colorado Children’s Campaign 2001-2006.

Passage Works

Evaluation Dates: 2008 – 2008
Evaluation of a 9th grade transition program in Denver Public Schools


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