The Evaluation Center has extensive experience providing program evaluation to a wide variety of clients, including K-12 public school systems, non-profit organizations, biomedical research universities, and private professional development programs. All of the programs we evaluate are unique and have their own nuances and specific needs. We strive to provide affordable, tailored evaluations that are rigorous and meaningful to our clients and their programs.

Designing Evaluation Plans

We can help refine your program’s goals in order to make them measurable. We will assist you in thinking about evaluation strategies for your program or organization by developing key evaluation questions, logic models, and needs assessments.

Assessing Implementation and Monitoring Progress

We will collect and analyze data that can guide program improvement. We can create systems to track and monitor progress towards meeting your program’s goals.

Measuring Outcomes and Impact

We will provide you with credible data to measure your intended outcomes and assess the overall effectiveness and impact of your program.

About The Evaluation Center

The Evaluation Center is located at the University of Colorado Denver, on the downtown campus. In many ways the center operates as a not-for-profit entity, housed within a major research university. This unique situation allows the center to operate independently and to provide external evaluation services to clients both inside and outside of the University.


As a collaborative enterprise, we work with our clients to promote evidence-informed programs, practices and policies in schools, institutions of higher education, and nonprofit organizations in our communities by using rigorous, innovative evaluation processes.

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